Ace Xie | L-art University
Obtaining strong academic background on brand equity analysis and marketing management skill, Ace Xie has had plenty of working experience on various design projects, including graphic design, web design, exhibition design and so on.
Ace, Xie, ACEXIE, Design, designer, Branding, Web, UK, 谢达明, 设计, London, Ace Xie, 网页设计, 设计师
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November 2016


VI System / Graphic / Landing Page

About This Project

L-art is a company concentrates on creative, multi-media and art industry. L-art University is a part of L-art education institute.

This is an Visual Identification project for rebranding the L-art University. Besides, a series of branding materials were designed accordingly, including stationary, graduation certificate, website and app, branding film etc. For the branding film, the MINIMALISM one was fully made on my own with original music and graphic productions.

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